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Opening my garden. Why?

People ask me why would I go to the bother of opening my garden to the public- a valid question and here are some thoughts behind the why. It was Mac Griswold who said “Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts”. Ultimately this garden, or any garden for that matter, is a work of…

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Southern Highlands Local Flowers in January

Some of the best flowers in bloom in January in The Secret Garden. This time of the year there are lots of bright flowers in the garden, with many of the colours centered around pinks and whites. With the lush green foliage that the garden is known for and that is in abundance all year…

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My Productive Backyard Launch

My Productive Backyard is a horticultural consultancy service dedicated to encouraging anyone and everyone to grow a little of their own food at home in their garden. My Productive Backyard was launched in The Secret Garden in 2013 in early October, a beautiful time when the garden really is at it’s peak of spring bloom,…

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